Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is blended learning?

Blended learning involves imaginative integration of face-to-face with online learning experiences. At UBD blended learning design will be focused on enabling a 'step change' in flexibility with campus, the workplace and online being one. At UBD we will explore new and innovative ways to combine face-to-face and online experiences seamlessly and coherently, in a manner that responds to the workplace in enabling 'Tomorrow's Professionals'. There will be increased use of online learning, rich online educational resources relevant to student learning, blended with more traditional face-to-face delivery.

2. What is the list of courses offered?

Please browse the link below for each programme/course:

For 14-Week Short Courses:

3. How can I get Diploma or BSc?

Students will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Digital Economy when they accumulate a minimum of 140 Modular Credits from a combination of foundation modules (as major core), compulsory breadths, specialisation modules (as major options) and discovery year as specified in the Programme structure.

Students will be awarded a Diploma in Digital Economy by Universiti Brunei Darussalam. The award of the diploma is based on the students’ completion of the minimal total of 84 MCs from the major core (68 MCs) and compulsory breadth modules (16 MCs) required for the Diploma in Digital Economy programme.

4. How to apply?

For 14-Week Short Courses: For interested applicants, please email directly to

5. How flexible is the programme?

The BSc. in Digital Economy programme will adopt a blended learning approach (both offline and online) based on a negotiated learning programme structure. This new blended learning programme is a flexible, innovative, negotiated learning programme structure that takes on board the professional education needs of a broad spectrum of learners by providing the opportunity to select modules that best align with their educational needs and career objectives. The blended learning programme offers flexibility to negotiate your own learning but also gives you the opportunity to study at your own pace and in your own time.

6. What are the requirements of 14-Week Short Courses?

It is open to any interested parties to take up the courses to be offered by C3L.

7. Is it available for postgraduate or Masters level now?

Not yet but hopefully by August 2017.

8. Can non-Bruneian apply for the courses?


9. When are the new student intakes for all programmes?

January and August intake.

10. What is the language of instruction?

It will be in English language except for Melayu Islam Beraja.