Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply if I don’t meet the minimum entry requirements?

We welcome applicants with a Bachelor’s Degree and at least five (5) years of working experience at an executive or management level.  Alternatively, applicants who do not meet the requirements stated but may have other formal qualifications deemed equivalent or appropriate (e.g. formal training, relevant professional experience) may be considered and approved for admission on a case-by-case basis.*

B100 or EDP participants may also qualify for module exemptions subject to approval.

How are the classes conducted? Will I need to attend classes in person?

All classes are conducted online through CANVAS - students have access to digital resources such as video lectures, presentations and readings. However, you may be required to meet your lecturer atleast once a month either online or in person (depending on the module).

What equipment do I need to take classes online?

You may require an updated computer device (smart phone and tablet can also be used) with the latest operating system and web browser.

An updated browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer A good broadband connection is a necessity. (If accessing over a mobile device or tablet, please ensure you are using a strong wifi connection and are not relying on the 3G or 4G data services).

How many modules do I need to take per semester?

Students are required to take at least 1 module or maximum 4 modules each semester. At the end of the programme, students will need to take all major core modules (7 modules) and 3 option modules which equals to a total of 48 MCs.

What are the core modules and option modules?

List of Modules

Code Major Core Modules Modular Credits (MCs)
CG-5101 Islamic Governance & Leadership 4
CG-5102 Islam and Society 4
CG-5103 Civil Service, Law & Government 4
CG-5104 Islamic Epistemology & Research Methods 4
CG-5105 Action Learning for Professional Development 4
XX-XXXX Data Analytics and Report Writing 4
XX-XXXX Action-based Research Project 12
Total MC 36
Code Major Option Modular Credits (MCs)
XX-XXXX Principles of Islamic Economics 4
XX-XXXX Islamic International Relations 4
XX-XXXX Principles of Public Policy 4
XX-XXXX The Negara System of Government 4
XX-XXXX Strategy & Delivery Methods 4
XX-XXXX Government & Civic Society 4
Total MC 24

Note: MC = Modular Credits (MCs). Total: 48 MCs to be awarded a Master of Government

What is the maximum duration to complete the degree?

The maximum duration for students to complete the Master of Government degree programme is 10 years

Do I have exams at the end of the year?

No, The Master of Government programme is assessed through 100% coursework - assignments and essays.

How much does the programme cost?

$700 per 4MCs module.

Do you offer other programmes at the Centre for Lifelong Learning?

If you are interested in taking a short course, discover our 14-Week Short Courses programme here: