Research & Development

Research at C3L research is developing innovative  approaches towards continuing education, professional development and blended learning. C3L’s research efforts impact is also being realised through internationally recognised research, innovative partnerships and educational software development. This is being enabled by our priority research themes that support UBD Vision 2020.

Blended learning and personalised technologies

Applied research into blended learning for professional development and continuing education. In addition research and development into personalised learning using data analytics and high performance computing. This will support style differences in enabling personalised teaching and learning through the use of diagnostics and predictive technologies. A personalised learning experience continues to be seen by learning technologist as a vision for online learning.

Digital society, professional development and continuing education

Applied digital society research that explores the Asian context and how this directly influences the design and development process in the use of digital technologies. This will directly support the Centre for Lifelong Learning in being a recognised for the application of digital innovation that connects with Brunei society in delivering professional development and continuing education.

Islam, innovation and learning

Advanced research into the relationship between Islam, innovation and learning that focuses on contemporary issues for Brunei Darussalam and associated countries. The interdisciplinary research on Islam, innovation and learning embeds the universal principles of inclusion and education for all. The research also has direct relevance in supporting formal and non-formal education in Brunei Darussalam.