Congratulation for all the Graduates. We wish you success for all your future endeavor!

The following is the compilation of the Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) that may assist with your enquiries regarding Convocation 2017.

Do check regularly for more updates in the Facebook page, “29th UBD Convocation 2017”. We would encourage graduates to join, as all latest updates would be update in Facebook.


Enquiries on Convocation Tickets

1. How many friends and family members can come to the Convocation Ceremony?
Convocation tickets are required for admission and each graduate is limited to 2 tickets per graduate for the morning session (for the PM session, 3 tickets per graduate).

2. Can I request additional guest seats for the Convocation Ceremony?
There is no additional seats for the morning session ceremony because all seats have already been allocated and assigned. For guest who do not have any ticket can proceed to the Lecture Theater (left wing of Chancellor Hall). However, this is on first come first serve basis.

3. If I am unable to attend the Convocation, is it okay if I give away my tickets to my friends?
Tickets are only distributed to graduates who will be attending the event.

4. What do I do if I have lost my tickets?
If you lost your tickets, please report to the Convocation Secretariat as soon as possible, at least an hour before the ceremony begins.

Enquiries on Academic Transcript/ Degree Certificate

1. My academic transcript has errors. What should I do?
If you feel that your academic transcript does not reflect your academic record correctly, please go to the Exam Office directly and bring with you any relevant document(s) as proof of the mistake. It would also help if you have gotten verification from your Programme Leader or Faculty Assistant Registrar beforehand.

2. My name is not listed for convocation. What do I need to do?
It means that you have not met the requirements of your programme. If you feel that this is in error, please speak directly with your Programme Leader or the Assistant Registrar, Examination and Registration Office.

3. Can I change the name that will appear on my certificate?
Please ensure that your full name is correct (same as in I.C.) and personal details are up-to-date in GIS. By default, the name on your certificate will be as it appears in GIS. If you have a preferred way for your name to appear in the certificate (e.g. a shorter version, preferred alias, etc), please email to with subject "Convo Name", latest by 31 August 2017.

Any name correction request received after the convocation ceremony will be charged a fee of $50.

4. My certificate is missing/ destroyed. How can I get a replacement?
There is only one original certificate. To request a certificate, notating the replacement, please report to your nearest police station and provide a copy of the report to Examinations Office. A replacement fee of $50 needs to be made to the Finance Office.

5. I am not able to attend the convocation, how do I arrange to collect my certificates?
You may collect your certificate after the convocation, during office hours at the Exam's Office, Chancellor Hall. Please bring your IC or passport for identification purpose

6. How do I request for permission out of office as requested by my employer?
For permission to be out of office, you can use the Convocation letter to the company as the date of raptai and Convocation are stated on the letter.

Enquiries on Actual Day

1. On the day of the Convocation Ceremony, where do I go and what time should I arrive?
Please arrive promptly by 6.30 am (for the morning session) or 1.00 pm (for the afternoon session) at a designated venue with your Academic Gown. Upon entrance, please go to the graduates holding area and look for the sign associated with your programme and check with the allocated Marshalls.

2. Can there be a separate convocation for a specific programme?
Such requests are not readily available.

Enquiries on Graduation Gown

Please go to under Bursary Services.
The dates and details of Gown collection can be viewed at the Facebook page: 29th UBD Convocation 2017.

Any queries regarding your Graduation Gown, kindly email


Please be reminded to take proper care of your graduation gown, hood, songkok and gandi.

Please DO NOT

  • Do not iron your hood and gown
  • Do not dry clean your hood and gown
  • Do not alter your gown
  • Do not use double tape for hood
  • Do not expose your songkok and gandi to prolonged heat e.g leaving it in the car


CLICK HERE to download the 29th Convocation briefing slide.