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UBD Patent List 


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Improving Power Factor



A Tapecasting Machine



Method of Producing Porous Ceramic Bodies Comprising Large Pores



A Method of Generating Currents



A Composition of Interconnect Materials



Reconfigurable Medicine Dispenser



Novel Airfoil and Blade for Low Wind Speed Turbine



Scheduling Crop Transplantations



Electrochemical Immunosensor System And Its Method Of Use In Analyte Detection



A novel process, method and composition for a roofing material and using the same



A Method To Enhance The Efficiency of Dye Sensitized and Perovskite Solar Cell



A Novel Method for Detecting Contamination using an Electrochemical Biosensor



Managing Energy Meter Usage Feedback Field of



Managing a Picogrid with a Computing Device



Distributed Phase Balancing



Injecting Electricity into a Grid From Distributed Generation



Generating an Ensemble of Forecasting Models



Managing Electricity Usage for an Appliance



Real Time Visual Biofeedback Mechanism and Visual Data Presentation for Knee Injury Rehabilitation Classification



Reducing Conversion Losses and Minimizing Load via Appliance Level Distributed Storage



Grid-Friendly Data Center



Synthetic Fusion Gene for production of Biodiesel



Wind Farm Layout in Consideration of Three-Dimensional wake



Automating Weather Model Configurations



Enforcing Fine-Grained Demand Management In Smart Grids



A Load Lifting Assembly



A Method for Synthesis of Nano-Crystalline Metal Oxide Powders



Novel Cu-based Cermet Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs)



An Improved Soxhlet Extractor System for Bran Oil Extraction



Plug Arrangements for Alleviating Peak Loads



An Energy Usage Control System



A Medical Data Monitoring System And Method thereof



Kit and Method for Detecting Cerebrovascular Disorders

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License Technology from UBD

UBD-37: Airfoil and Blade for Low Wind Speed Turbine

There are several locations with low to moderate wind profiles, which can potentially be utilized for wind energy applications. However, most of today’s commercial turbines do not perform well under such low wind velocities. Keeping this in view, the UBD researchers have developed a wind turbine which will start generating energy even at wind speeds as low as 1.5 m/s and perform well under low wind conditions. This is achieved through a laminar separation bubble controller which is an integral part of the turbine blades. The controller allows early transition of the flow from laminar to turbulent region even at low velocities, thereby improving the starting and low wind speed performances of the turbine.


UBD-36-IBM: Scheduling Crop Transplantation

Determining the day to sow, plant or transplant a crop to maximize yield (referred to herein as scheduling the transplantation date of a crop) presents multiple challenges.  Existing approaches commonly include a consideration of only a single transplantation of a crop, and use a yield model of the crop while a yield model is not always available for a given crop or crop variety. Further, generating yield models can be time-consuming and expensive. The invention generates transplantation schedule for a given crop in a given geographic area based analysis of lifecycle constraints, cultivation conditions constraints, and weather forecast constraints.


UBD-35: Electromegnetic Immunosensor system for analyte detection
The invention is related to a carbon nanofiber-based label free electrochemical immunosensor for sensitive detection of proteins in a fluid. The immunosensor is a modified carbon nano-fiber screen protected electrode (CNF-SPE) with a carboxyphenyl film activated by EDC/NHS. Monolayer of 4-aminophenylboronic acid coating was then fabricated onto the electrode to allow orientation of antibody via bonding of boronic acid-saccharide of oligosaccharide moiety located on the Fc region of antibody. The modified electrode is then used for the detection of a hormone such as a rbST in a fluid with a detection limit of 1pg/ml.


UBD-34-Pixela: Roofing Material

The invention provides a roofing material and applying the roofing material using specific angles to deflect infra-red rays. The method of applying roofing material provides aesthetically nice finish and saves energy costs.


UBD-33: Efficient Dye Sensitized And Perovskite Solar Cell
The invention is related to improved photoanode material to be used in solar cells to enhances efficiency and reduce charge transfer in dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC) and a perovskite solar cell (PSC) by fabricating with Mg and La doped photoanodes. Mg and La co-doped photoanode into TiO2 are 20% efficient than pristine TiO2 and more than 5% higher efficiency than the single doping of 1% La and Mg in TiO2 cells.


UBD-32: Detecting Contamination using an Electrochemical Biosensor

The invention is new electrochemical biosensor that uses DNA-redox electrostatic interaction and its subsequent non-specific adsorption on graphene screen-printed electrode or biochip. The invention provides new biomarkers to detect chicken and pork species limit of 1 pg/µL and 100 pg/µL respectively.


UBD-31-IBM: Managing Energy Meter Usage Feedback

The invention detects information generated by a prepaid energy meter to determine amount of energy consumption associated with the prepaid energy meter. The invention generates code by encrypting the determined amount of energy consumption and identifier corresponding to the prepaid energy meter and output the generated code for transmission to an energy provider associated with the prepaid energy meter. The recharge code is decrypted to for remote recharge operation of the prepaid energy meter.


UBD-30-IBM: Managing a Picogrid with a Computing Device

The invention manages a picogrid with a computing device by generating power-related models. The models are generated based on data pertaining to a given device battery and context sources, and power-related historical data to determine a charging schedule for the given device battery to provision power for a picogrid.


UBD-29-IBM: Distributed Phase Balancing
The invention is used in distribution network with a phase imbalance to determine power consumption and power supply parameters of a particular entity of the distribution network and computing level of power consumption or supply increase and/or decrease associated with a device of the given entity to remedy the phase imbalance within the distribution network.


UBD-28-IBM: Injecting Electricity into a Grid from Distributed Generation

The invention manages electricity generation in a distributed electricity generation system. The destination of generated electricity in the distributed generation system is determined based on sensed state of a power grid, sensed state of local energy storage; and sensed demand of a local electricity load.


UBD-27-IBM: Ensemble of Forecasting Models

The invention generates ensemble of forecasting models by estimating accuracy value, computing cost and one or more resource requirements for each of multiple forecasting models for an environmental event.


UBD-26-IBM: Managing Electricity Usage for an Appliance

The invention manages power of appliances by interconnecting an appliance using a connector with a power supply. The invention detects anomalous appliance behavior and deficient power quality by identifying appliance category, current operating state, and current standby state. A control action is further undertaken based on the detected behavior.


UBD-25: Real-time visualization system to monitor recovery progress of ACL Patients
The invention is related to real-time visualization system for monitoring recovery progress of Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstructed patients. The invention processes multiple super-imposed EMG bio-signals of limbs muscles and three dimensional kinematics measurement signals from a motion sensor set. The rehabilitation and recovery classification of the patient is determined based on extracted wavelet features from processed signals.


UBD-24-IBM: Reducing Conversion Losses and Minimizing Load via Appliance level Distributed Storage

The invention identify an alternating current power source associated with a direct current-powered device and determines a storage scheme for storing direct current power converted from a …


UBD-23-IBM: Grid-Friendly Data Center

The invention discloses a method to calculate power budget based on current state of an electrical grid and variable electrical load with variable pricing. The invention predicts future state of the electrical grid and a future electrical load to be drawn at the power-drawing location to calculate power budget with respect to the power-drawing location.


UBD-21 Synthetic fusion gene for Biodiesel

The invention discloses a synthetic fusion gene comprising hex1 and pox1 genes for biological pre-treatment of biomass for the production of biodiesel.


UBD-20-IBM: Wind Farm Layout in consideration of Three Dimensional Wake (USA)

The invention is to determine a layout and dimension of a wind farm. A 3-D wake model for a wind farm is generated and to determine dimensions and position of the wind farms for a particular region.


UBD-19-IBM: Automatic Weather Model Configuration (USA)

The invention is related to configuring weather model configurations automatically based on characteristics of the target area.


UBD-18-IBM: Enforcing Fine Grained Demand Management in Smart Grids (USA)

The invention is related to enforcing demand management in electrical grids. Electrical power is provided from a substation to different locations with smart power demand manager which controls electrical power delivery to power-drawing item. The management system detects discrepancy of unbalanced network load, unscheduled network load, change in network supply, and change in network condition. In case of such detection, electrical power supply is controlled via employing the power limiter of the substation in collaboration the smart power demand manager


UBD-17: A Load Lifting assembly (USA)

The invention is related to a load lifting assembly to lift and transport the loads. The assembly includes a fixed pole and a lifting unit capable of moving longitudinally along the pole. The assembly further includes a load transporting unit coupled to the lifting unit and a driving unit to provide the motive force to the load transporting unit.


UBD-16: A Method for Synthesis of Nano-Crystalline Metal Oxide Powders (USA)

The invention is related to synthesis of nanostructured metal oxide powders by converting metallic material into a precipitate of metal hydroxide by an electrochemical reaction and calcinating the metal hydroxide to form the metal oxides. The synthesis method is also used for the development of cermet particulates and topological insulator particles.


UBD-15: Cermet materials for SOFC (USA)

The invention is related to Cermet body composition for the preparation of novel cermet materials to be used in solid oxide fuel cells. The cermet body composition includes a ceramic component and a metallic component, wherein the ceramic component is in the range of 5 % to 95 % by wt of the cermet body.


UBD-14: Reconfigurable Medicine Dispenser
Reconfigurable medicine dispenser is capable of automatically counting medicament accurately and dispensing into a set of vials at predetermined time intervals. The medicine dispenser includes: number of cells/cassettes to store tablets and/or capsules and has ability to dispense and count the tablets and/or capsules. The dispenser has a vial dispenser that serves to store vials and dispense vial one at a time. The dispenser can be monitored and reconfigured with smartphones or any other related devices.


UBD-13: An Improved Soxhlet Extractor System for Bran Oil Extraction

The invention is an improved soxhlet extractor system for material extraction. The system includes an extractor with a siphon arm at one side and a steam path at other side. The system also includes a condenser with an inlet port and outlet port for cooling water running there through. Additionally, the invention includes a first still pot connected to the extractor, a second still pot connected to the first still pot, and a magnetic heating component provided under the first still pot and second still pot for heating extractant and/or solvent.


UBD-12-IBM: Power Factor (USA)

The invention helps to collect consumption data of appliances to building a consumption profile and reconstruct reactive power consumption of each appliance. The invention finally compute a schedule for each appliance based on the reactive power consumption while respecting constraint if any.


UBD-11-IBM: Plug Arrangements for Alleviating Peak Loads (USA)

The invention is to load-shift time-deferrable devices by placing an electrical load scheduling mechanism in communication with an appliance. Delivery of electrical power to the appliance is scheduled via the electrical load scheduling mechanism based on assessed electrical grid load conditions. The scheduling includes altering a predetermined delivery of electric power to the appliance based on the assessed electrical grid conditions


UBD-10: A Composition of Interconnect Materials

A composition of interconnect materials for solid oxide fuel cell for various temperatures including materials Iron Oxide – Copper Oxide and Ytterbium Oxide.


UBD-09: A Method of Generating Current

Extract from Scurrula ferruginea Danser (family Loranthaceae) flower was invented to be used in dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC). The pigment was extracted flower of Scurulla ferruginea using ethanol. The pigment was adsorbed onto a titanium dioxide (TiO2) layer deposited on a photoelectrode and assembled DSSC with anode, counter electrode and electrolyte.


UBD-08: An Energy Usage Control System

An energy usage control system that includes a plurality of sensors connectible to a microcontroller which is further connected to an electrical appliance. The system helps to reduce energy consumption according to user presence in a premise. The energy consumption and status of appliances can be displayed on a mobile device.


UBD-07: Macroporous Ceramic Body

A macroporous ceramic body was prepared by combining a mixture of ceramic forming components with a polymer network structure to form a second intermediate mixture comprising a polymer network. The polymer network is then removed in the drying and/or sintering step leaving an interconnected open pore network within the ceramic body. The macroporous ceramic body comprises a three-dimensional, porous network comprising pores of about 3 mm to 11 mm.


UBD-05: A Tape Casting Machine

A portable tape casting machine with a movable reservoir containing slurry and at least one doctor blade disposed within the moveable reservoir. The doctor blade is controllable with a magnetic switch when the slurry is passed on to non-sticking transparency on a flat surface.


UBD-04: A Medical Data Monitoring System

A networked medical data monitoring system can be accessed over the network. The networked system includes medical data recorder that is connected to skin electrodes and a data converter to convert in real-time the data from medical recorder to a form that can be transmitted. The medical data recorder also includes an amplifier, a filter and an analog to digital converter. 


UBD-03: Kit for Detecting Cerebrovascular Disorders
Medical kit to detecting cerebrovascular disorders was invented such as stroke by measuring and analyzing the presence of an enzyme in a blood sample. The kit can detect risk of certain mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Schizophrenia Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Huntington’s Disease. The kit is not only suitable for the detection of these disorders in humans, but is also intended to have veterinary uses in other mammals.